Hi! My name is Scott. I'm from a small town in Utah (like less than 2,000 people small) and have been working as a Higher Education Professional for over five years. My work has heavily focused on working with students. I have recruited, hired, trained, and supervised hundreds of students in Student-Leadership positions for Colleges and Universities. It is my passion to work with tomorrow's leaders, and this has been an incredible way to do that.

Early in my career, I found myself getting pulled away from providing the students with the leadership development training and resources I felt they needed to truly catapult their careers by other aspects of my responsibilities. I searched online for an online resource that had leadership training geared towards students and couldn't find anything, so I began building one myself!

Now, I have the amazing opportunity to travel the country, speaking with students from all parts of the United States at Leadership conferences for State and National Organizations. Better yet, I further those relationships online. The Nix Your Limits Leadership Academy provides an incredible network for them, and by doing virtual workshops, leadership marketing, and more, I can reach more students through more schools and programs. Soon we will be in every school in America!



Nix Your Limits started as my personal motto. Nix is defined as "cut out", "eliminate", or "refuse to accept". I have learned many times that there will always be someone to question what you do, someone trying to limit you on what you can or can not do, no matter how admirable your actions.


From being the athlete that sang in the choir, playing College football, becoming a Public Speaker, creating an online business, or getting into one of the top Universities in the nation, I have continually challenged myself to not let anything or anyone (even myself) limit me to what I can do. Now I want to spread that message to every student I meet.

I want to share a bit of my story with you. Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions! Shoot me an email at Seriously.


In High School, I was all about being the best I can be. I attribute the ambition and drive I have to be my best self to my family and community. "Expect Greatness" became my phrase to live by as I pursued opportunities in Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Soccer, Madrigal Choir, and more.

Here is me in High School. Real "tough guy" right? (eye roll)


I was able to earn myself a spot on a College Football Team but soon found my priorities shift. I knew football was not going to be a lifetime gig for me and realized it was time to dedicate my focus, effort, and time towards my career.

With encouragement from a sibling, I pursued a Student-Leadership position called a Resident Assistant. I got the job and quickly saw an opportunity to develop not only as a student but as a leader. I went all in, just like I had in sports, and rapidly saw my development get a jumpstart.



The summer after I graduated with my Associate's Degree from Snow College, I saw a full-time position posted to work at the College in the department where I served as a Student-Leader. On paper, I looked under qualified. I didn't have a Bachelor's Degree. However, I felt extremely confident in what I could do in the position, and the value I could add. I applied for the job, and got it!

While serving as the Leadership Development and Training Coordinator, I went all in on providing the students I served with as much leadership development as I could fit into a school year. It was during this time when I wished I could do more.

While at Snow College, I started speaking at Professional Conferences. This was an awesome opportunity to share my passion and practices. Soon, I found opportunities to start speaking with students! This has been the foundation of Nix Your Limits, and I am forever grateful to those first few people who said yes.

After completing my Bachelor's Degree while working full-time, I saw another opportunity to advance in my career. Again a bit "under qualified" by Higher Education's standards (I didn't have a Master's Degree at the time), I applied for the Assistant Director for Student Involvement and Leadership position at Dixie State University. I felt more confident than ever, applied, and got that job too!


During all that time I met and married my amazing, ambitious, and beautiful wife Farryn. We have a beautiful daughter and a son on the way!

I put as much energy into being the best Husband and Father I can be as I do in anything else, they are my number one. My family is THE reason I work so hard.

Photo by @kaitlinmariephotography
Photo by @kaitlinmariephotography


From a tiny High School, to an average Junior College, to a decent University, I excelled in my education and made the most of every moment. I am a proud Graduate of South Sevier High School. I am proud of my Associate's Degree from Snow College, and my Bachelor's Degree from Utah State University. I have always sought to be intentional about my education.

My Bachelor's Degree is in Psychology. I wanted to study how our minds work, what we are all motivated by, influenced by, and how we learn. I have taken every class with the mentality of how I can create Leadership Training for students. I have the most custom and specific degree you will find anywhere because I made it that way.

Something I am most proud of is attending the University of Southern California for my Master's Degree in Applied Performance Psychology. I encountered doubt, discouragement, and frustration (both from myself and from others) as I pursued this opportunity. I wanted it SO BAD! No one from my High School has gone to a school like USC. No one from my High School had even played College Football before. It is scary pursuing what you haven't seen others do before, but man was that acceptance call worth it!